Cervejaria Ramiro in Lisbon, Portugal

girl looking down and smiling at plates of seafood

If you Google best place to eat in Lisbon, Cervejaria Ramiro will pop up first in the search. And if you’ve ever seen Somebody Feed Phil, Season 1 on Netflix, there’s an episode where Phil visits Lisbon and also ate at this popular restaurant. I absolutely love seafood and if you do too, you must try Ramiro‘s. You’ll have to get there early because there’s always a line and sometimes the line can be down the street. My friend and I went on a weekday around 2:00 PM and we had to wait about 30 minutes before we got seated. I can only imagine what the wait would be on the weekend.

The menu is on an iPad and you just write on the paper table cloth what you want to order. The menu isn’t in English, but our waiter spoke enough English to be able to help us out. We ordered steamed crab, lobster, baby clams in garlic butter sauce, prawns glazed with butter, and goose barnacles.

body and guts of steamed crab

My favorite dish was the steamed crab. It was so juicy and sweet. The tomalley was really good spread on the bread provided.

plate of goose barnacles

I tried goose barnacles for the first time. It doesn’t look appealing, but I swear it tastes better than it looks. It’s slightly chewy and salty. I dipped all the seafood in Ramiro’s homemade hot sauce. It’s so addicting! It’s like a Portuguese version of sambal hot sauce. It had the right amount of spiciness where it was bearable and it was wasn’t too vinegary.

plate of lobster cut in half

The 2 lb. lobster was steamed and I thought it was over cooked. I was hoping it was going to be juicy like the crab, but it was dry. It didn’t come with butter, so I used the butter from the prawns and mixed it with the hot sauce as a dip (so good!). We would have ordered a smaller 1 lb. lobster if we knew we were able to choose.

sauteed baby clams in a pot

The baby clams were delicious and not sandy at all. I used the garlic butter sauce to dip all the other seafood in it as well. The prawns were perfectly grilled and the meat just melts in your mouth.

prawns sliced in half in butter

For two petite girls, we definitely over ordered. Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. It was actually our first real meal in Lisbon so we got too excited and went overboard. Our waiter tried to tell us we were ordering too much food, but everything on the menu sounded so good that we wanted to try everything! Also, we were expecting the portions to be small like back at home. The prawns were as big as my hands and the crab claws were almost as big as my face. Needless to say, we barely made a dent in our food. Luckily, the restaurant does take-away, and we stayed in an Airbnb with a full kitchen. We bought pasta, garlic, and butter from a grocery store and made seafood pasta with the leftovers. I ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the next couple days.

Cervejaria Ramiro
Av. Almirante Reis nº1 – H, 1150-007 Lisboa, Portugal

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