Horta’s BBQ in Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Horta’s BBQ was recommended by the bartender at the W Hotel where I stayed at on the island. He said he eats there often and it is the best place to eat on the island, so I trust him. I took a five-minute ride down the road and come to what looks like someone’s house with wooden tables and plastic chairs outside under a tent. It may look sketchy, but I’ve noticed that if you see little kids and families around, you know it’s a safe area. I love places like this because you know the food is going to be amazing. I know Anthony Bourdain would eat here, too.

Fried portk with steamed vegetables

I ordered the fried pork and it was so juicy with the right amount of saltiness. It was tender and not rock hard. I don’t what they did to the broccoli, but it was so flavorful. It had to be the best steamed broccoli I’ve ever had.

half rack of ribs on a plate with yellow rice

I also ordered a half rack of ribs with beans and rice (in the back). I’m not a big fan of ribs, but this was so delicious! The ribs were sweet and spicy and the meat fell right off the bones.

The vibes on this island (as on any island) is pretty laid back, so it does take some time to get your food. I’m from New England, so I’m used to everything being really fast paced. I had to keep reminding myself that I need to just relax and fully enjoy every moment. Make sure you aren’t in a rush to go anywhere after you eat here.

Horta’s BBQ
Carr. 200 Km. 1.7 Bo. Monte Santo, 00765, Puerto Rico

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