Things To Do On Vacation (Besides Drinking)

Yes, there are other things you can do on vacation besides drinking the whole time and still have a great time! Here are a few things you can do instead.

Go to a concert

I know what you’re thinking — why go to another city to see my favorite artists if I can just see them perform in my hometown? The experience is different. You get a whole different vibe from the crowd.

Solve an Escape Room

Escape Rooms are like ice-breakers. Get locked in a room with strangers and work together to solve puzzles. Most are locals, so you can probably ask them for tips on the best places to go in the area.

Explore a museum

Get cultured! Learn something new and drop some knowledge on your family and friends when you’re back at home.

Sign up for a run

It doesn’t have to be a marathon. A 5k will do. The running community is always so supportive of other runners and will cheer you on. Plus, the feeling of accomplishment and getting a medal at the finish line is pretty awesome.

Go on a guided tour

Why not actually learn about the history of the city you’re in? The more I learn about a city, the more I appreciate it.

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