What Makes A Good Travel Partner

two people looking at a map planning a trip

We asked a few road-trippers and travel gurus whose had the experience of traveling with a plus one. You think your best friend or the friend’s friend’s friend that you met on Facebook may be qualified? Think again. While there is no guarantee that you’ll have the most epic trip, here are top 7 things to think about that will make sure you have the best possible time:

Pretty obvious, but first and most important, make sure you and the person get along.

Depending on how long you two will be traveling together make sure you’re comfortable being silent together as well. You can’t talk the whole time and I’m sure you will both want some alone time.

You both have the same goals for the trip.

If one person wants to see museums and one wants to pull all-nighters partying, your vacation will not be the best experience it can be.

Find someone who has the same travel style as you do.

Are you the type who maps out all the famous landmarks and doesn’t want to deviate from the schedule at all. Or are you the one who does who not have a schedule at all and will go where the adventure takes you?

Have the same budget or at least an idea of how much you’re going to want to spend.

Nothing ruins a trip more than not being able to do something because your buddy doesn’t have the funds.

Have the similar interests.

What type of food do you want to eat? Are you sure your buddy wants the same? How about staying at a hostel while your partner wants to stay at the hotel? While you don’t need all the same exact interest, make sure you’ll both be fine with compromising if the need arises.

Have offsetting strengths and weaknesses.

Maybe you can’t tell your left from your right but your partner has a great sense of direction. Maybe you’re great with what to see, while your partner has no clue. Nothing enriches a trip more than experiencing something you otherwise might not have, or having someone there to know what to do when you’re clueless.

Make sure you both can travel for the same length of time.

If you don’t have the same amount of travel time set aside for the trip, make sure you have plans in place to part ways.

If you and your travel buddy have everything covered on this list, you’re on your way to a memorable and enjoyable adventure. Bon voyage!

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